Florence is a mobile game that captures the fleeting feeling of new love and how temporary moments in life can feel. Backed by an assortment of mechanics, Florence tells a slice of Florence Yeoh’s life during her mid-twenties as she finds herself. I truly love games that don’t involve combat, or murder, and try to capture human emotion through gameplay without overt narrative. Florence is one of those game; it is themed towards romance but still a successful attempt at capturing the key moments and emotions in life through interactive gameplay. From falling in love at first sight to the mundane existence of office life; the game communicates as much through gameplay as it does through visuals and music. PLAY[…]

Resident Evil 4 earns the high praise, and borderline legendary status, it has received. The game married over the shoulder combat with a thematic feeling of dread to produce claustrophobic action set pieces that were unlike anything else on the market at the time. There are a few things that linger in the mind after playing RE4: the first time Leon’s head gets chainsawed off, the creepy merchant that somehow knows how to upgrade military grade weapons and that amazing knife fight scene when Krauser reveals himself. If you don’t remember, the early 2000’s were not nice to the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil – Code: Veronica was universally praised but released on the ill-fated Dreamcast to weaker-than-expected sales. Resident[…]