The obligatory first post title. Maybe it’s because WordPress un-ironically has a default post with this title, maybe I am nostalgic of getting text to appear on screen from an intimidating new programming language.

This blog is where I hope to dump any and all of my thoughts on game development, strip down the game design of anything that I am playing or has become popular with the kids and keep a development blog for the random game-related side projects I have going on.

“Who is this overly confident person’s blog I stumbled across” you mightshould be asking yourself. My name is Eric McConnell, a white color office worker by day and aimless indie game developer by night. I’ve released all of 0 (zero) games over my indie game career and hope to keep this streak going for some time. Although I sound like a wannabe, I have some game industry experience to back up my rants; everything from 5-person mobile game startups to 2,000+ person AAA studios where I’ve been a software engineer, a game designer and even a product manager.

Hopefully this blog can bring some laughs, some inspiration or, at the very least, introduce a new wrinkle in your brain in how you look at game development and the game industry as a whole. Please enjoy the things to come.