Sriracha, also known as the Rooster from hell (nobody calls it that), is a spicy chili sauce that exploded in popularity over the last 10 years. Demon’s Souls, FromSoftware’s breakout hit that revived the company known mostly for the mech series Armored Core, started a series of games that exploded in popularity over the last 10 years. When I eat something topped with Sriracha, I immediately regret it. The pain, the heat; what flavor was I seeking out that I thought dosing the red liquid of Ragnaros was a good candidate to bring me there? I am wondering, “Can I go on? Can I really finish this meal I so regretfully ruined with this evil sauce? Surely the second bite[…]

The age old question of new game developers is where do I start? Do I create art? Do I start programming frameworks? Do I make physical prototypes? Do I mod an existing game? Like most things in life, there is no actual answer. Let what drove you to take the mammoth task of developing a game inspire your work. Jenova Chen chased an emotion with Thatgamecompany’s third outing, “We wanted to bring in a new feeling between people online.” Doom was inspired by id’s late night D&D campaigns. Chase whatever muse started this adventure. For my current game, the muse was the idea of solving logic gates. For those that don’t know, logic gates are things like AND and OR[…]

The obligatory first post title. Maybe it’s because WordPress un-ironically has a default post with this title, maybe I am nostalgic of getting text to appear on screen from an intimidating new programming language. This blog is where I hope to dump any and all of my thoughts on game development, strip down the game design of anything that I am playing or has become popular with the kids and keep a development blog for the random game-related side projects I have going on. “Who is this overly confident person’s blog I stumbled across” you mightshould be asking yourself. My name is Eric McConnell, a white color office worker by day and aimless indie game developer by night. I’ve released[…]